Friday, March 14, 2008

Gravy Train and Cin

All aboard! Summer is the engineer and she's ball'n the jack this morning. The Biscuits and Gravy are moving fast (sausage gravy atop two generous buttermilk biscuits), thanks again to our friends at Grant County Bank for the idea. I am gaining weight just smelling the aroma this morning. Gary is also helping me put on the heft with two more cakes in the oven. I'm like Adam in Eden, only here there are several trees of knowledge and the fruits keep changing to entice my ever changing pallet. This is a dangerous place to work, I need a personal trainer, and cardiologist on staff, but alas I have only my dwindling self-control. So much for my self-control on a day like today...

Biscuits n Gravy $4.50 (two (2) buttermilk biscuits)

Blueberry and Orange Cake $2.00 per

Blue Cin Cake $2.00 per

Blue Cin first; this thing's a killer, Blueberries, Chocolate Chips, and Cinnamon, eat at your own risk! Blueberry Orange is lighter but just as deadly if taken too often. I have already waxed poetic enough on the Biscuits n Gravy, you've been warned. Next week I'll wax nostalgic for these three deadly sins. Enjoy them while they last.

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