Friday, March 28, 2008

Hand Rolled Is Best

It is occurring to me that I write often and glowingly about the food prepared here, but fail to mention our real bread and butter. The coffee today has Chris and I jacked up, please allow me to plug the Bolivia! I am pronouncing it my favorite coffee. Normally while the rest of you are still nestled in your beds, visions of mountain biking dancing in your heads, I am here getting ready to provide you with all the excellence you've come to expect daily and as the sun rises I always make myself a Cappuccino with Soy and rarely do I partake in the brewed coffee. That sort of snobbery just happens when the espresso is pulled perfectly and the even the soy is steamed to the exact right consistency. I find the coffee merely too thin on my pallet... but then there is Bolivia, ahhh Bolivia. It is like Belgium Beer, (so right!), caffeine content so high, and the flavor and mouth feel are nothing short of perfect. Chris and I both are soaring because of it, and Chris started the day with the New Orleans flu! A shipment of Bolivia should arrive this afternoon, and if you're nice I'll brew it up in the morning before Biscuits and Jam. I will address the Jam in a moment, but first back to the food...

Roasted Red Pepper with Handmade Tortellini $4.50 14oz.

Roasted Chicken w/ Corn Dumplings $4.50 14oz.

Gary's Turn:

Monkey Muffins $1.50

Blueberry and Lemon Muffins $2.00

Watching Curtis hand roll the pasta for the tortellini, spoon in the ricotta cheeses, fold, and seam them with a fork was exhausting. His care is your reward! The bar has been raised, and then comes the Roasted Chicken with Corn Dumplings. A different soup altogether, the dumplings contain the corn and the corn contains the sweetness that balances the soup perfectly. Both soups...well done Curtis! Gary not only dropped off muffins this morning, but came back and made more. Good thing too, it took two (2) hours to sell the Monkey Muffins this morning. They sell so fast they're going to be like Bigfoot sightings, hurry, hurry, there they are! So many treats lining the counter today and we are just arriving to the Biscuits. Of course, Buttermilk Biscuits will be in the oven tomorrow morning, but Becky...? Where are you Becky? She took off on tour about two (2) weeks ago and hasn't been heard from since. Seth called and reassured me of her last minute time frame. I can only hope. Seth took our home phone and I expect a call from her, giggling at my fretting and I will see her in the morning. Otherwise, Chris will be performing covers of Van Halen and Journey for at least three (3) hours! Keep your fingers crossed and Don't Stop Believin'.

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