Saturday, March 8, 2008

Late Day Dedication

At the behest of our best customer and obviously our most avid reader I tender this late post. It is with tired fingers that I click and clack out this report from the front lines to coffee slinging. Today saw some of the most diverse weather I have ever seen in a four hour period. The sun rose and the air was warm (55 F); spring like again, by 10am a fog rolled in and the temperature began dropping, thirty minutes later and rain began to fall, about an hour later the rain turned to sleet, then quickly to hail, back to sleet, and then finally snow. It hasn't stopped snowing yet! The hail brought a large and friendly group of travelers into the shop and Curtis' baked goods started to disappear. The disappearing act continued all day and by closing time we can only inventory a few Giant HypnoCookies and one (1) Apple and Blueberry Tart. What a great day it was to hang out in a cafe and watch the weather change. Speaking of change; Chris and I are still experimenting with music, and which music goes over the best on any particular day. Apparently we did well today. Earth, Wind, and Fire, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Commodores, et. al. did a wonderful job getting people to dance and to sing along. I know our asses were moving in time to the masters of Rhythm and Blues!

More development regarding Biscuits and Jam. The spontaneous singing that erupted from customers has lead us to the conclusion that YOU should supply the Jam! That could mean but one thing; Karaoke!! We'll see what we can do to rustle up a machine and you start tuning up those vocal cords. We're ready to throw down, are you?
Gary, hope your trip is going well. We look forward to the postcard (you won't forget) and I appreciate the spurring on!

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gary said...

thanks for the fix, postcard on the way.peace