Monday, May 12, 2008

All That Glitters

Another Sunday, another bike race, and another first place finish for Mackie. Consider this post an official solicitation for any fast cyclist to compete with and offer Mackie even a modicum of a chance at silver. It is not that I want Mackie to lose, quite the contrary, I don't want him to rest on his laurels and make the top of the podium a complacent position. That being written, congratulations to Mackie...again! Kudos also to Ben, who placed second in his class and our local pro, Jason (yes, of break dancing fame!) finished a strong fourth and didn't suffer a flat this time. A job well done to all who raced, Mike, Jeff, Ben, Jason, Mackie, and anyone I failed to mention. Next race: Tour de Lake at Charles Fork Lake on May 18th.
Tomorrow brings Curtis back to the shop, and this round of lunches sounds great; Pork or Veggie Dim Sum with Soy Dipping Sauce. You know how it works, a limited number of meals will be prepared so call your order in to ensure your stomach's reward (463-4900). Some have asked what Dim Sum are, please allow this description:

you: dim sum damn good dumplings.
me: I know, dim sum is a Chinese noun for filled dumpling usually steamed or fried.

If you've been away lately, we've made a bagel line-up change. We placed an order with the Charleston Bagel Company and their products are amazing! The apothecary jars overflow with large, savory bagels. For those wanting a little kick in their circular bread treat, Director Mallow picked Jalapeno Bagels, and they deliver!

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