Thursday, May 15, 2008


What a day of crossing paths. Willie, Chip, and Jared joined us this morning; discussions recently have been made regarding the sponsorship of a cycling team to participate in the 24 Hours of Big Bear bike race. My thought was to, with help from Mountain State Brewery, sponsor a team next year; this serving two (2) purposes: (1) it allows me to budget for the expense and (2) it gives our local team, Team Tiger Pawl, a year to regroup and recruit some new team members, as this year sees participation problems from the area's best female rider. Rob, a Tiger Pawl team member and I were discussing next year's sponsorship; he asks if I could supply sponsorship this year if the rider's pick up 50% of the fees. I place a call to Willie, we agree to split the remaining 50%, but only if Team Tiger Pawl can come up with the request riders. Now the pressure is on this female rider who will, for the sake of privacy, remain anonymous (Sarah H.) to step up and help her team. The pressure comes from these crossed paths. Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock, time is running out for our local team, will they participate? Stay tuned.

Summer brought in one of my favorites for you today, Picadillo. It consists of ground beef slow-cooked in tomatoes, raisins, apples, cinnamon, and super-secret Summer-only spices. It's served over rice, and is about the only time I eat red-meat, and well worth the cholesterol. It is listed on our soup menu and sells for the same $4.50.

Another path crossing has to do with your and my local CSA share from Max and Katherine. If you are one of the lucky participants who receive their veggies from Backbone Farm than we will be seeing you every Thursday. We will be our area's drop off and pick up spot for your CSA share. The first shares should start around the first of June, we can't wait!

It was nice meeting our new neighbors, Matt and Holly. Thanks also to Adelaide for dropping by today, it is always great to see your smiling face. If, like Adelaide, you can't get enough of Director Mallow, don't fret, not only will he be logging more hours in the mother ship, but it appears he may pull your favorite brews as well. Mountain State is taking a leap of faith and allowing Director Mallow behind the hollowed ground of the brew pub bar, and now it will be he asking you to get your ass out of there after last call. Oh, how the tables have turned!

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