Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday "Sun" Day

The sun is back! The rainy week came to a close, and on Sunday our local competitive cyclists had to pay for a week of rain with a muddy race. Yes, yes, Mackie is still undefeated, but a couple of masked men gave him a run for his money. Has my request for stronger cyclists to challenge Mackie yielded unknown talent to finally compete with our resident stud? The power of the pen...keyboard! Despite some questionable riding by his competitor, Jason was in good spirits after taking the silver. A great showing from our locals again! We've come to expect nothing but excellence.

I was afforded a front-row seat at the training of Director Mallow in the art of pub commandeering yesterday. Kate was in rare form delegating the cleaning of urinals, scrubbing of glasses, and generally enjoyed the bossing around of our Director. As entertaining as that is, after a couple of drinks it's startling to realize that soon Director Mallow will be taking even more of my and your money at Mountain State and at Hypno. With great power comes great responsibility, wield it well Director, wield it well.

Our neighbor, MountainMade Country Store, is again a seven (7) day a week shop, welcome to the week! As we welcome MountainMade we also bid adieu to our friend and computer's nemesis, Becky. Today takes her out of our lives and into Maine's. The Dirigo state will be lucky to have you, best of luck, Rebecca!

Tomorrow brings Curtis back, and on the menu is Fettucini with either Meatballs or Roasted Red Pepper Sauce. While you're marking your calander, Friday should kick-off our Smoothies, get your tastebuds ready! It was wonderful seeing so many of you this morning, it is why we run a community-based business.


Anonymous said...

Your picture is boring me...

HypnoBlog said...

I sorry today's pic is boring, I posted this photo taken by grandmother to commerate her passing. Not exactly the most narrative photographer, I loved her none the less, and tendered this picture in her honor.