Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dating Game

Finally, some competition for the Employee of the Month award. As many now know, Nick (of Alldredge Fame) joined the HypnoStaff, partly as a way to alleviate his crippling gambling debts and partly to meet women. He was under the impression we are some sort of a chick magnet and that his preparation of a woman's drink would disarm them, making them forget he is a counselor, constantly evaluating and judging them. Poor misinformed Nick. Even from behind the counter he is judging you, yes all of you!

Many are inquiring, no, no baby yet. Summer is doing well and her next appointment is Tuesday. Stay tuned, but if I'm suddenly not around, there may be another reason besides the flu. The baby pool is full and a few of you have lost already, putting your money down on an early date. The anticipation is palpable here.

Abus in sharing the kitchen with Gary yesterday, also shared her goings on. She recently attended a "Passion Party" somewhere in Tucker County. She arrived yesterday all giggles and declaring she wanted "one of everything". We of course are concerned with Abus' morality, and you know us, we are the pinnacle of high moral standard. Perhaps an intervention is in order? We, of course, are open to suggestions on how to get our Lemon and Lime Bar creator back on track.

The smoothies are finding traction, as well they should, our efforts in finding such a fabulous product deserve patronage. Thanks for the call-in order, Melissa. We are enjoying Chuck Berry this morning, and a special thanks to Doc L for the gift of Wild Berrys. Also, here's hoping the cancer benefit gig went well, I hope we were well within our rights to recommend you. Enjoy the sun today and speak to us tomorrow regarding the Indiana Jones flick. Tonight will find the HypnoFamily, Jeremy, and maybe others at the drive-in! Summer has officially kicked off!

Finally for the ladies?! HypnoCoffee presents: NICK (no we didn't do this for the Director, he had a girlfriend)
Favorite Food? Sushi
Favorite Movie? Legends of the Fall
Favorite Musician? The Boss
Educational Background? Under Grad Duke, Post Grad UT Austin, TX but my real education is happening now at HypnoCoffee!
Favorite Superhero? James Bond? (no, that's not a superhero, he's a spy)
Which fictional are you most like? Baloo from the Jungle Book
What is in your refrigerator? The neighbors & Tabasco
Favorite Drink? Cappuccino (made by ME)
There you have it, our bit of community service. Now let the calls come in (463-4900) and we will personally arrange a "meeting". Next, the Director??


Anonymous said...

I am starting to see a theme here, first you adopt the amazing Dr. Tobias F√ľnke as your shop mascot. Now you seem to be offering a male dating service. I don't know of I'm on to something here or not...but in the words of your mascot, "I'll be your wingman. Even it means me taking a chubby, I will suck it up."

HypnoBlog said...

Allow me to take off my barista apron and put on my therapist sari. You are reading too much into this blog, perhaps as an outlet for your latent tendancies. I encourage you to engage in your life outside of this website.

Anonymous said...

Haha..awesome come back..well maybe I'll look into your dating service. You can help my "life outside."
"Well, Michael, you really are quite the Cupid, aren't you? I tell you, you can zing your arrow into my buttocks any time."