Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Is Today The Day? No.

We had our largest turn-out for badminton last night. It was tough to get a game in edge-wise. If this keeps up we will need two (2) courts. Everyone brought great food and we even blew the dust off the record player for a couple of disc spins. I have too many pictures to post them all, come by the shop for a montage of the day's play.
The bottom photo is of Mackie's Virginia State Champion Medal! Many congratulations to Davis' own Gold Medalist, and special thanks for allowing us to display his precious medals!! Also hanging behind the counter is his Bronze Medal from Sunday's race. Well done, and as long as Mackie keeps winning medals, we will continue to proudly display them.
Also making the photo display is the ever-smiling Adelaide. For reasons known only to Adelaide, she lights up around me, smiling, cooing, and laughing. Is my appearance so funny? Obviously so, and thanks to Adelaide for pointing that out.
Summer is back at the doctor's office...no baby today. She just called, same dilation as last week and baby not at the zero station. Oh you gamblers in the pool are following this and I will continue to keep you abreast.
...And now for the gentlemen (yes, I use that word liberally), Kate!
Kate, as you know, is the mom of three (3) awesome kids and her mouth alone is smarter than most of you. She's likely to break my fingers for this post so please take full advantage, as this may be my last for awhile, and no Kate was not interviewed for this.
Favorite Movie? Easy Rider
Favorite Band? New Kids on the Block, you jerk!
Favorite Book? Six Easy Pieces
What's in your refrigerator? 2 mangoes, 64 oz. guava juice, 1 qt. pureed pineapple, 1 bottle Grey Goose Vodka, 38 grapefruits, and a loin of some sort... that's the dumbest question!
Dream Vacation? Hawaii and a bottomless Pina Colada
Dream Job? I'm living my dream job, you jerk!
Which Would You Rather Have, Invisibility or The Ability to Fly? Invisibility, so I could sneak into your house and kill you without being caught, you jerk!!
Again, Kate was not interviewed for this, and much to Adelaide's protests to the contrary, Kate now thinks I am a jerk!

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Anonymous said...

Yo Tony,

Of course Adelaide likes you, she's too young to know any better. And we all know that her parents have taught her to be kind to all the "special" people.

Everyone knows that Chris "aint man enough" to hit on your hot wife. But... We'll see who's laughing when Nick's changin' poopie pants.

Long live nkotb!!!

PS. Please be nice to Angela, i feel for that poor young lady already. You know not all girls think sexual harassment is funny.