Monday, June 9, 2008

Local Boys Make Good

Our HypnoFriends Mackie and Jason unequivocally kicked ass for 24 hours! Mackie and his Men's Master team took first place, winning by a scant four (4) minutes! Jason's team placed FIRST overall!! One hundred and sixty (160) teams attempted to over-throw our local boys, but to no avail. Kudos, congratulations, hell yeah, well done, and thanks again to Mackie for the Gold Medal!! We are proud of you guys!
A shop full of smart mouthed women on one side of the room and on the other? Six (6) men all cooing and aping for Baby Z. What's wrong with this town? Rumors filtering down from Davis are reporting Nanny's Deli had a sell-out grand opening! Good work.
Still no blog entries from our boys at Highland Prospects; all talk and no typing. I even hear that Jeremy is taking a "personal day", obviously a recovery day.
Nick made his way into the shop, on time. Amazing how he makes his way to Hypno promptly when he doesn't have to work here. This work ethic is far too prevalent. Nick needs to break from this cycle immediately, prior to his decent into not bathing, refusing haircuts, and masking the hungover facade in the sickly sweet olfactory assault of patchouli oil. Nick, get it together, we have already had to dock your pay for these transgressions.


kat said...

hypno kids!

i was in your shop a few days ago w/ my swell parents + took a few pictures of the artwork on your wall ::

i'm just letting you know where the hypno love has been spread. thanks for the awesome coffee!


HypnoBlog said...


happy to see hypnolove being spread. If memory serves, you were the graphic designer?