Monday, June 30, 2008

Tucker County Gladiator

It's a little late coming, but this promotional photo was "sent" to HypnoCentral recently, and we are obligated to pass it along to you. So few knew that within the placid nature of Mike (of Mountain State Brewery fame) lurked a beat-down, ass-kicking beast! Well, the truth is out now, and to commemorate we have the honor of bringing his photo to the web. Next time your aboard the HypnoShip be sure and eyeball the UFC poster behind the counter, oh yeah, Mike is on that one too! After seeing the above photo I have switched to Cold Trail Ale; who but Kathy has ever seen Mike with his shirt off?! Mike is ripped!

Over the weekend we spent some time in Mountain State; our Floridian friends, Keven, Shelly, and Victoria love the place. The best staff and best beer make it one of the many places we show-off to our friends, or just pick up a keg for our badminton tourneys. We noticed Chip (also of Mountain State fame) was sequestered in a cage behind the back bar, but more than punishment he has the kitchen up and cooking. Some laughs, some pints, and a sangria soaked menu was passed to me:


Organic Beef Chili Pie

Organic Creamy Chicken Pie

Creamy Veggie Pie

Pasta w/ Tomato / Red Wine Sauce

Organic German Sausages on Ho-made Roll w/ Chips (Beef or Pork Paprikawurst)


I especially dig the "Ho-made Rolls", who really makes them? Good work Chip, and kudos for sourcing the Organic meat! Mountain State has a lot going on right now, and we are hoping Kate decides to add to the goings-on by booking Richard Cheese! We are just throwing that suggestion out there...think about it.

"I'm Mike Supak and I approved this message."


Kathy Supak said...

Are you SURE that is MY MIKE???

Thanks Tony you broght a well needed smile to my face...and another muscle to Mike's Abs!!!


B Shahan said...

I just LOVE a man with muscles!
What's your number?
Can I have an autograph copy of that pic?

Barb "The Mom of Wild Bill and Tyson the Man" Shahan

Anonymous said...

OMG....we never saw an oger with a six-pack before!! Dang!

Hillbilly Cuzins Enchanted and Latis

Anonymous said...

Maybe we could just have Supak kick Dick Cheese's ass. Sounds like he needs it. 10 grand for 60 minutes, maybe he could play at Hypno Coffee for the kids...better yet, Gretchen's Baptism!!!

Anonymous said...

He ain't heavy, he's my brother in law....

Joe McV said...

that is so cool!!!!!!! over 50 and still ripped lmao