Monday, June 16, 2008

When It Rains, It Pours

When the apocalypse arrived it was Ben, Willie, Summer, a tasteful but dangerous tourist, and myself staring out of the HypnoWindows, aghast! Tasha and John had left, never to be seen again. First came the hail, then the flood, two (2) by two (2) the animals, caught in the storm-drain's maelstrom, perished, and finally the lighting rained (no pun intended) down upon all tall creatures, striking them down. HypnoCoffee proved to be a safe haven. The storm has also brought us Adam, Marcy, and Sophia. Summer's cousin Adam is driving the family to Vermont. Marcy will be pivotal in our lives tomorrow as she has volunteered to act as Summer's doula, and being an OB nurse this is a huge help. The storm brought demise for some, but for the HypnoFamily it has brought an ever expanding support team. Thanks mother-nature!

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