Thursday, July 10, 2008

Everybody's Working For The Weekend

Our HypnoFriend, Chip (of Mountain State Brewery Fame) came by requesting a badminton game. No problem my friend! We may very well throw something together tomorrow evening; keep it low-key, crash some shuttlecock, and make the neighbors jealous. In order to accommodate Chip's request we will have to host another match early next week, stay tuned. Chip, as most know, has been out of town. He's been in California, rubbing elbows with real celebrities, getting some work done on his chin, and of course screen testing for the role of Clancey, the Mississippi snake handler caught up in the racially charged love-triangle. Good luck, but until he leaves for Hollywood, you can catch Chip in his role as chef in Mountain State, (working title: Rage Against the Cage). He's the one slinging Creamy Veggie Pie!
Perhaps its not the best segue, but Abus is back and tomorrow she'll be aboard the HypnoShip making local favorites, Lemon and Lime Bars. Maybe we can talk her into making a batch of cookies as well! Anne will also be showing up, bearing Raspberry Bars (my new fave) and just in time, when word got out in regards to her success with the Raspberry Bars, both Sarah H. and Abus offered to make them. No dice ladies, my gastrointestinal fix knows where to find sating.

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