Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What To Do Tonight

The Internet has returned and so the blog marches on. News from the weekend of bicycle racing is that our local rider, Jason (file photo used), won the Race to Lil Moe's Place in Philippi! That's not just a class win; Jason beat every other rider across the finish line. Excellent work my friend! Since we're on the topic of bicycles; and if you are like me, you suffer flat tires, jumped chains, busted spokes, and skinned knees (physical injuries may not be a covered topic), but unlike me you want to make the necessary repairs on the trail, than this afternoon is your chance to learn how. Blackwater Bikes is having another in its many clinics on basic bicycle repair at 5:30 this afternoon, that's today! Directly after the clinic walk across the street to Hellbender, get your now hungry hands around a Gravity Check Burrito, and sit in on the Tucker County Trails Club meeting. We all benefit, neigh, live here, because of our wild surroundings, and the battles for our access to those remote locales are being waged by only a few of your neighbors. It's work, requires your ever-precious free-time, and lacks all symbolism of glamour, but everyone enjoys the fruits of the labor. Tonight the head honcho of the Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge, Jonathan Schafler, is supposed to attend and address issues of Refuge land use. Show up and support the Trails Club efforts for continuing access to the places that make living and recreating here so special. The added bonus is that these two (2) events alleviate your woes for something to do on a Tuesday night. Oh and yes, Mackie was in this morning and the soapbox is still out; was it so obvious?

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