Saturday, August 9, 2008

Davis 16 Thomas 8

What a turn-out! The Davis dug-out, its players dressed in a uniform of short-short cut-offs, a Davis business shirt, and mustaches was nothing short of resplendent! To those smart enough to shave to a mustache looked like an allegiance of Tom Selleck look-a-likes, good show! I was proud to be a member of such a comely squad.
Thomas showed up half in the bag, wearing bandannas, knee socks, and were extremely loud; much the way they appear for court. A rowdy lot, shouting taunts, and teasing the Davis crew with the bane of their failure, two (2) kegs of Mountain State Beer. The Thomas crew allowed the weaker aspects of their filament to take over, and failure always follows the expedited route.
Thomas took the field first and the first Davis field-squad made quick work of their kickers. The first kicker for Davis, Dave "Golden Toe" R., booted a high hard drive into the ether and rounded all the bases! What a start! By the close of the first inning Davis put two (2) more players across home plate, and the beating had begun. Thomas made a brief flicker of effort in innings three (3) and four (4), reeling the Davis lead in to a mere two (2) runs (6 to 4). Not a team to become discouraged the Davis dugout rallied and over the last innings punished the now staggering fielders of Thomas while the defense all but shut down the soused-shoed kickers, allowing only two (2) more runs.
Thanks to everyone who cheered on the players, to the players themselves, and to Shannon M. and Sarah D. for putting it together!

Best Dancer: Anne F.

Sweetest 'stache: Josh S.

Shortest Shorts: Jason C.

Cheekiest: Rob S.

Best Legs: Dave R. (nice tan lines)

Best Knee Socks: Jocelyn G.

Best Heckler: Mountain State's own Chip

Best Stomach: J.R. P.

Best Field Play: Al P.

Check in on J.R.'s blog for his narrative and photos. Good work J.R.

Until next year, and until instead of kick ball we have a drinking contest, the game ball and championship shall remain in Hellbender Burritos (Happy Anniversary!) and Davis!!


Anonymous said...

Check out some photos on fat boys blog...

Fat-Boy said...

Hey guys I am uploading allmy photos from the game tomy website right now.. goto and then click on galleries to find them. Fell free to download and use them..