Thursday, August 7, 2008

Will Work For Coffee

Follow the examples of our fine panhandling gentlemen and leave a buck ($1.00) in the jar. It goes to a good cause, your coffee fix! If you have ever boarded the HypnoShip at peak hours and have waited in line just to pay me your $1.27 for a cup of coffee, ye shall wait no longer. Our regular coffee is now payable on the honor system. Fill your to-go cup or mug and throw a Georgie ($1.00) in the panhandlers jar then... sko! We're always looking for ways to streamline the ship and putting the jar out fixes one (1) impediment. No more line occlusion! What's that, you enjoy the interaction with local baristas(celebrities) as well as the fun of marking your HypnoCard? No sweat, we're always here for you, but if you're putting your Four (4) Bits ($1.00) in the jug, then discount is considered rendered, thus no marking "paid" on your HypnoCard! Tomorrow kicks off the jug payment, honor system, Enjoy!!

Also, tomorrow tune in for a Hellbender Burritos long distance dedication! It was one (1) year ago...

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