Friday, September 26, 2008

Honey-Do List Made Easy

I have chased enough of you around the shop to know you can run. Tomorrow morning brings another Run For It Davis 5k (10am at the Davis Fire Hall) and I expect to see you all there, and since this is a charity run may I suggest you run for Tucker County Trails. The Trails Club does the often thankless work of trail maintenance, bridge building over streams, and the unenviable task of meeting and negotiating with land managers, representatives of the National Forest Service, State Forest Service, Wildlife Refuge, et. al. I need more Trails Club runners (lightening fast ringers please) and I know you want to show out for your home turf trails. After the run stop under the big tent and visit with the Director, who'll be slinging coffee and Gary's goodies.

Were you wondering where to go Sunday? I, again have you covered. Our Front Street friends and neighbors, The White Room, are holding a Grand Opening. You already know the work and the gang responsible for it, now go and party like rock stars with our newest gallery owners/celebrities. The music, fellowship, and of course booze is worth the time!

Now you know who to run for, and where the after-party is Sunday, lucky you!

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