Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting!

Chip? What are you doing tonight?

We were graced this morning, not once but twice, with the presence of the Tucker County Gladiator accompanied by his son and Gladiator in training, Evan. They were carrying their double-ended foam bats, dressed in Spandex, and looking for Colorado students to pummel. The Gladiator has very little tolerance for the awful start to the WVU season so far. If you are visiting our area from the state of Colorado, please take shelter, and by all means cover up any evidence of your collegiate allegiances be they not West Virginia University.

Everyday we inch closer the exposure of our big secret! No, it's not that Summer and I are brother and sister despite our similar appearances. Although we feel we are in the right place and community if we were. Unfortunately, the news we have will be harder for some to absorb than an incestuous family living in your midst. Stay tuned!

Facts. A contrast to my ever-popular column, Rumors. Next week brings our annual festival, Leaf Peepers, to Davis, and HypnoCoffee will be representin' on the festival grounds. Gary is planning on churning out Caramel Apple Cake, Oat Bars, and other delectable edibles to be sold along side our coffee. Look for our banner and the effervescent Director. Also in the vendor's area will be our new librarian, Ivonne; she'll be handing out library cards and selling gently read books. Whisk by her booth and offer a HypnoHello! Speaking of Ivonne, you'll want to read the local birdcage liner, the Parson's Advocate, this coming week; as there should be a full page spread all about our newest neighbor. Way to go Ivonne!

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