Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Slows and Repose

Soon-to-be big brother...same mother

The HypnoWorld has slowed its spinning, as the kids return to school, and the community sighs in order to catch its breath prior to the influx of leaf peepers. Just because the external pace has slowed to a strut doesn't mean the internal mechanisms of HypnoCoffee are following suit. Quite to the contrary, the machinations are a whirling dervish of activity, and big surprises await you soon! No spoilers today, but keep in touch as always.

Thomas' own, Jared was banging the skins last night at the Purple Fiddle with his new band, Sol Driven Train. All reports are excellent and that a Mardi Gras atmosphere shot through the night and all the melted faces and bloodshot eyes confirm the tale. Way to go Jared. Eden (of Kate fame) made the show, and has the scar to prove it. Combine rock-n-roll with table-top height, and you have a scar in the making! Nice butterfly bandage job, and as always, chicks dig scars!


Anonymous said...

Dang those mexican babies are cute--how much do they cost?

Anonymous said...

The babies are free, the trick is finding a willing Mexican woman, they carry razors don't you know!