Tuesday, November 25, 2008

White Out


Sunday morning.
The snow is back. Predictions look great for a snowy Thanksgiving and we couldn't be happier! Sledding, skiing, snowball fights, Wii tourney, and turkey are all on deck for the get-together this Thursday. Hell, if we get enough Mountain State nectar in our systems, games of charades and liar's poker may breakout. Tis' the holiday season, so expectations are ridiculously high, fun better damn-well be had by all, and the HypnoFamily WILL be thankful for one another! If that fails, there is always Christmas next month.

The shop will be closed on Thanksgiving, however, since I don't stash any coffee at the HypnoHome I will be forced to sled, ski, tumble, or any other winter conveyance, get myself to the shop for the morning awakening. If you are up and around (perhaps riddled with feelings of suffocation, a level of frustration and despair gripping you to the point that if you don't go for a walk you'll smash a chair over your uncle's head), then join me for a cup. Hopefully, I'll have Rob and Melissa in tow, so the conversation will be bristling with tales of commerce and the holidays. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, I'll see you Friday, if not sooner for a cup on the down low Thursday morning.

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