Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Now to rest.

Ol' Man Christmas came through! Chloe, Charlie, and I tracked Father Christmas on the NORAD Santa tracker website most of the night and only bed-down for a night of fitful and anticipatory sleep after the GPS revealed Mr. Claus was in Charleston, WV. Despite his earlier missteps at Hellbender Burritos, he popped his Tylenol, drank his Gatorade and Club Soda, packed that sleigh with goodies, and made his rounds to every good boy and girl. Even though there were reports of bad behavior, he even stopped at the HypnoAbode hooking our lil' sailors up with movies, Wii games, Nerf guns, Batman figures, Barbies (Last Dance Barbie and Fruit Fly Barbie), and so much more. From the HypnoFamily, thanks Santa and enjoy your three hundred and sixty-four (364) days of rest, you deserve it!

To our loyal readers (and really you all should be) Merry Christmas!

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