Thursday, December 4, 2008

Musings On My Weight Gain?

Showdown, Davis style.

The music bouncing around in the HypnoVessel of late has been Dixieland Jazz a la New Orleans. Is my subconscious in need of home comforts or a vacation? The Big Easy brings a bit of both to mind and certainly represents an attitude of debauchery and a devil-may-care attitude that appeals to us all. Topics of leisure have come up lately and I have been thinking of how difficult it can seem to let go. Allowing yourself to enjoy your morning coffee and conversation is hard enough. The come-what-may mojo purveyed through the denizens of New Orleans, even in the face of disaster, holds a lesson for us all. We sometimes run headlong through life, often times without proper bearings, and for what? Taking stock in what we have and enjoying the people around us should be paramount in our lives. Of course I offer this from a seven (7) day a week schedule and as the dealer of morning stimulants, sugary treats, loitering, and conversation. It also goes without saying that I am not intellectual enough to continue down the path, waxing on existential nonsense. I need to stick with what I know; jokes about myself, my friends, my family, my neighbors, and the Karate Kid. I'm sure as you stop in tomorrow, I will be much more adept at bawdy humor than philosophic debate...jokes on you.
With Gary away Summer has been baking today. In an attempt to get some R&R of his own, Gary left for some Philadelphia Freedom yesterday. Summer has been experimenting with cookies; a What The Fudge Is This Oatmeal Cookie! and CocoChocolateNutChip Cookie (holy crap, they taste like donuts!). I'm sure more weirdness will surface whilst our baker is on leave.

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