Friday, December 19, 2008

Our Talented Community

Yesterday afternoon and today some of you were lucky enough to be aboard whilst I roasted. The Colombia has been selling as if I laced it with, I didn't lace it with crack. Yes, if you want to give locally-made goodies to your loved ones for Christmas I will be more than happy to help. Today saw more Colombia and French Kiss filling the shop with their aromas, much to the delight of our patrons. If you read the Comments section (and really you should) you will have noticed several name suggestions for our blends. We have been tossing them about the vessel with friends and neighbors and here's the low down: the "anything with Blackwater in it" sentiment seems to be universal, however, doesn't anyone else draw the conclusion that "Blackwater" could also be a disparagement of my coffee? I completely understand the desire to name products after our amazing surroundings, and indeed we will get around to it, but for our in-ship blends we have a decidedly different verve happening (if you've sailed with us, you know of what I speak) and desire our in-ship nomenclature to stay off of the well trodden path. A real "love" vibe thang has been prevalent in the names so far, and I think we will continue down that primrose path. By all means keep the names coming, eventually we hope to market our coffee outside of these hulls and products that connect us to our environment shall be key. Thanks for playing "the name game!"

Wondering what to do tonight? How about joining the HypnoFamily for a night of theatre? You are correct, the Thomas Education Center and Voices From The Earth are putting on a radio production of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol at 7 pm tonight. Just to make it interesting, the cast includes Rob Stoll as Fred (Scrooge's nephew) and Jeremy (of Highland Prospects fame) as Businessman #1, a role he was born to play. Rumor has it that some plan to arrive intoxicated, and thus prepared to heckle! Rotten tomatoes can be acquired behind the Shop-n-Save in the green dumpster...see you there.

If you are still unsated by heckling your neighbor's acting skills you can pay your cover tomorrow night at the Fiddle and shout insults and "play some 'Skynyrd!!!" at Matt (Doc) Lambert. The potential for hurting one (1) another's feelings is at its zenith this weekend, be careful.


Gandalfthe5000ator said...

What is up with the large part of comments being posted anonymously on this blog? I want to remind everyone that we need to prevent Tony from loading the blog comments himself for dramatic effect. A little accountability and transparency, please. It's good practice for a future without worry that looms up on the horizon.
The home-roasts are as fresh and tasty as the hypno-blog verbaige. Thanks T.

Ben Nelson

Anonymous said...

Tony would never influence the "feel" of his blog, he's far too cool, too smart, and too good looking to try that shit.

Gandalfthe5000ator said...

Thanks for making my point T. On with the good work. And remember, sometimes something is worse than nothing.

Ben Nelson