Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rain, Rain...Turn To Snow

Barbara, ever attentive, and gettin' her learn on.

Other than the small dwindling piles where the plow once amassed it, our first good snow of the year is gone. Walking to work beneath an umbrella has absolutely no romance in it. It is surprising how quickly we become spoiled, and the luxury once tasted becomes necessity.

Trying to cheer you up this week, our HypnoFriend Abus returned, and with her those silly-delicious, sugar-coma inducing, taste bud teasers, the Lemon and Lime bars. I have received several requests for the bars in her absence, so this is surely some good news amongst the drizzle and mist.

Rumors: Since the HypnoVessel found portage in the old gas station, we have seen a spike in other's interest in renting the rest of the garage. Sounds great to us, neighbors are good. Some potential neighbors include: Highland Prospects, Bubblicious (a hydro-massage joint), Curl-Up and Dye (a hair salon), Mountain Made, the Purple Fiddle, (hell, all the remaining Thomas businesses), and Raw Y'all (a sushi restaurant). We must seem like the coziest business around, as all others want to be next to us. Of course, not all of the aforementioned businesses are real or even considering sharing a roof with the mighty HypnoShip, but some are.

Bulletin Board: Dave (of cabinet building fame) was aboard the ship early this morning hooking up our gas line for the roaster. The counter ornament will soon awake with fire. Stay tuned for the first batches godly coffee goodness! The other Dave (of skeet shooting fame) and Ginger welcomed their son into the world Monday the 8th, expect a photo soon. He is good looking boy, thoughtful, an excellent sense of humor, and a whiz at calculus already. Congratulations, welcome to the community, and excellent work! No one has brought in a Christmas tree ornament for display, o' tannenbaum, how thou art neglected. Tomorrow will once again find me tripping the highway fantastic to Pittsburgh International Airport and returning with our roaster trainer, expect magic shortly thereafter. Lastly, and this one (1) is for the ladies, mind your time during this busy season and mark your calendar annotating the Clothing Swap on Monday night at 7 p.m. Unfortunately, nudity is optional instead of whatever.


Lindy said...

Merry Christmas Hypno! Congrats on the new roaster and the new location.....I am living in WA, but am moving to Tahoe after the holidays. I will have lots of fun pictures of whichever ski resort I decide to grace with my presence for the day.....maybe even naked ones since the clothing swap girls didn't make nudity madatory! XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

Wow.. last year I stopped by your shop in Thomas, and loved the coffee. Now you are located across the street from me. I have a feeling I am going to be spending quite a bit of time there on my upcoming trip to Davis.