Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What's In Your Closet?

Last night's swap was a hit! Loads of chicks filled the ship, and with them bags upon bags of clothes, jewelry, and costumes. Charlie and I made the briefest of visits, stopping by only quickly enough to snap a couple of photos, and escape with our man-hoods in tact. Twas no place for the y chromosome; however, from what I saw, the place looked like your older, hotter, and much hipper sister's bedroom. Cool clothes scattered about and all of her friend's were there trying things on. I only make the comparison to your hot sister's bedroom because Jeremy (of Highland Prospects fame) has been there and brought back such vivid descriptions.
The tales were told back at the HypnoFamily abode where the dudes held an all-out Wii Bowl-a-rama. No detail left to chance, Budweiser, classic rock played via old records, and Jeremy, Charlie, and I locked in battle. Of course, once Chloe returned, she promptly spanked us all like errant school boys.

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