Saturday, January 10, 2009


The community lightened up today. Nick (of C. Hunt fame) left for Austin to pursue his dream of being a country music star, Nate and Kristine left for Hawaii to fulfill their dream of marrying Tom Selleck, and tomorrow finds Mackie leaving for Morgantown in pursuit of his dream to develop the next performance enhancing drug for the cycling community. This exodus is tough on us as a community, and even a visit from Elkin's favorite son, Stevie (of the Johnson fame) only made a dent in the malaise. We stand to loose a few more denizens next week, so brace yourselves for going-away drink-a-thons and potlucks a-plenty.
Godspeed to Nick, and I hope your AAA account is still active. Aloha to Nate and Kristine (bring me back a lei!), and to Mackie...Phi Beta Epsilon all the way!!!!

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