Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Dating Game

Bachelor (suit by Botany 500)


That dated game of dating finally arrived atop the mountain and fortunately since none of us have watched TV since the nineties (90's) the concept seems fresh. Nick played the role of eligible bachelor, and Tasha, Moriah, Sheena, Kristine, and Janel filled in as the bachelorettes. We had Nick sequestered in the Kid's Corner, and he busily downloaded questions meant to simultaneously delve into their personalities and impress the potential date with his sense of humor and use of double entendre.
Nick: bachelorette number one (#1), complete this sentence, I would do anything for you except...
Bachelorette number one (#1): giggle, your whites!
Nick: bachelorette number two (#2), if, during our first date, we should go to the fair, would you be more likely to enter the hot dog eating contest or the seed spitting contest?
Bachelorette number two (#2): what's wrong with you? I'm a vegetarian!
Nick: bachelorette number three (#3), if I were Santa, and you sat on my lap, what would ask for?
Bachelorette number three (#3): a new bike, because my old one (1) makes me sore!
You get the idea. On and on it went, this killing of time on a rainy afternoon. Nick, after much deliberation picked his date, and the winner is...

The lucky couple receive an all expense paid trip to...Duluth.

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Anonymous said...

Marge: Grandpa, this flag only has 49 stars on it
Grandpa: I'll be deep in the cold, cold ground before I recognize Missourah! the lady in orange single?