Friday, January 23, 2009


Since the last one (1) sold so quickly, Gary made for us another Italian Cream Cake. The thing is enormous, ostentatious, decedent, and ripe for entendre. Willie, Chip, and I slashed through the jokes at other's expense. I made the comment how if I laughed any harder I was going to pee my pants, when in walks local adult diaper saleswoman, Moriah. I shouldn't marginalize her role. Moriah works for Granny Gear, the purveyor not just of diapers, but also walkers, wheelchairs, cleansing wipes, under-pads, bath seats, etc. Sometimes, timing is everything. Thanks for sharing the laughs this morning.

Also contributing to the snickering was my recently won (skeet tourney) John Tesh Alive, Music & Dance CD, DVD, and book! Quoth the Tesh, "From my piano, I like to focus on the faces of children in the audience.", "It's pretty clear that I enjoyed watching the dancing as much as I did performing.", and "This is hip hop?" Awesome isn't a strong enough word. Inspiring is closer. Thanks to Jeremy (of Highland Prospects) for the gift of music and dance he brought to our skeet tourney. I know how difficult it can be, donating a beloved personal item like that, just rest assured it has found a new, loving home.

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