Friday, January 30, 2009

This Town Is Your Town, This Town Is My Town!

The filing of forms!

Today is the last day for filing your intent to run for city council. Did you get it done? I thought not, but don't fret, three (3) HypnoDenizens filed today! Tip 'o the hat to: Jeremy "Bubba" Golston, Cindy "Meyer House" Robeson, and Summer "First Lady of Hypno" Williams. These three (3) brave citizens are putting themselves out there for the betterment of our wee hamlet; let's support them like panty hose! Are you registered? If not, get your registration forms at HypnoCoffee. Yes, you must live in Davis to vote, and yes Davis must be your residence, not your vacation home. We are planning voter education, voter registration drives, get out the vote parties, and of course a big bash on election day. Get your hand ready for plenty of shaking, wash that baby's face for kissing, and plan for all manner of local campaigning. Hell Yeah, we can!
It may seem like the HypnoBlog is turning into a political action committee, and I give it over to the cause of my own free will. This is an important time, when our young merchants step up and choose to serve our community in the capacity of council person. Many of us have discussed it, and three (3) have actually committed to it, so let's make sure we do our part in seeing to their placement on the board, and then their success while serving.

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Anonymous said...

It's about time we had a candidate who follows in the footsteps of our hemp farming founding fathers. Washington and Jefferson were the great plantation masters of Old Virginia (once a part of West-By-God-Virginia). Hell, Jefferson even set some of his slaves free when he died. Specifically the three (3) that were his blood relatives. Ol' uncle Mackie inweed...I mean indeed!!!