Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Tenuous beginnings.

Confident presence.

We were a lean team upon our first visit to West Virginia, just Chloe, Summer, and myself. So struck with the state that by the time we were home shopping we had a three (3) month old son, and a salient desire to raise our growing family here. Charlie has spent the last year; one-third of his life, aboard the HypnoVessel. His speech has gone from high pitched squeaks and mumbles to the adorable toddler speak, where cookie is tookie, dino-swores fight He-Man, and dey all go ROAAAR! He's a few pounds heavier, a couple of inches taller, and about the only thing that hasn't changed is his ever-present bed-head. So many neighbors have participated in his life over the past year; whether you just say hello and have a short, sometimes incomprehensible conversation with him, or if you are one (1) of our friends that notice when we are bustling, you loiter a bit longer in order to play with Charlie and distract him from his busy parents. Poised to spend another year within the hulls of the HypnoVessel, you will no doubt continue to play a role in the shaping of Hypno's only son, and we can not think of better influences.

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