Thursday, February 12, 2009

I've Got A Lion In My Pocket

Allow me to kick this one (1) off with thanks. Summer and Chloe have awoke in the dark, rambled their way aboard the HypnoVessel and readied her for service a couple of times this week allowing me some much needed rack time coupled with the unique pleasure of awaking with Charlie and getting him ready for the day. On those mornings, as you boarded, you may have noticed the place a little different; the normal eighties (80's) punk, rock, or R&B had been replaced with the kind of music heard on Bugs Bunny cartoons, and a much better looking Williams family member greeted you. You're welcome. Lastly, thanks to anonymous D.C. IT geek and my old friend, Mike, for the technical support. Especially D.C. IT geek for sussing out the annoying details of lost comments, email-ability, cursor arrow, and image loading. I have enjoyed delving into HTML and appointing various meanings to the acronym; "Had Too Much Liquor"?

Did anyone else see the strange light in the sky two (2) nights ago, like a search light tick-tocking across the vault of heaven. It seemed to originate in Thomas, and at one (1) point I thought I made out the letter "Q" being projected. If you have any information regarding the strange "Q" let me know.

The hardest thing I've done in awhile: cycling the Big Dummy home last night in the beginnings of that storm/tornado winds/rain/etc. Having already split my side with laughter (hanging out with Rob, Chip, and Ben) the wind tunnel between HeckBender and the HypnoHome seemed like ten (10) miles of bad road on my compromised filament. Clearly, I sallied forth despite the jeers from automobile-driving weaklings.
Lastly; we're only a couple of days outside of Valentine's Day and Gary has your paramour on his mind, don't ask me why. He baked the most fabulous heart shaped brownies with a translucent pool of raspberry preserves greeting the lucky recipient. I'm also playing with chicory today. The taste takes me back to the bitter cups of Community Coffee I enjoyed years ago in a one hundred (100) year old apartment in Pensacola, the reddish brown cafe noir bubbling in an old percolator. Now you can create your own memories with this distinctive cup of coffee.

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