Monday, February 9, 2009

Skier Of The Free World

It may be a little difficult to see him. Still wearing his suit, glove-less, hat-less, maybe he's making a speech. I don't know, I wasn't there, but there is our president, Barack Obama, skiing with our barista, Nicole and patron Becky. Unbelievable energy, that guy. Not only is he trying to get his stimulus bill passed, but he also found the time to kick and glide with local chicks. So energetic is he, he went out sans gloves and hat, exuding heat like he's the single cause of our snow leaving. After kicking it down Camp 70 with the girls he went by Mountain State Brew Pub and drank stouts like they were life supportive. Maybe after his first couple of weeks in Washington they were. Many other folks from the D.C. metro area do the exact same stuff when they get up here. Speaking of which, were did everyone come from last weekend? Thanks to the many positive people that boarded and hung with the HypnoCrew. Special thanks to two (2) fiends, I mean friends, that immediately came to aide the dry dock crew attempting to get an e-commerce site launched. I'm not sure, but I believe NASA has something to do with this launch. I'll keep you posted.

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