Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thirty (30)


What did you give up for lent, Peets, Shenandoah Joe's, or Cafe Mam? Forty (40) days from now and your addictions will be changed, hopefully forever. Summer gave up aging long before this year, and I swear she gets better looking every year. I'm not just blowing smoke, I have the photographic evidence to back my claim. Happy Birthday to the First Lady of Hypno, born this day thirty (30) years ago in Pensacola, FL. What a fortuitous day that was for a then nine (9) year old boy living in Virginia. Eighteen (18) years later, paths crossed in Pensacola, chemistry solidified connections that were made, and two (2) children later her life in Florida was cashed in for the wilds of West Virginia. Eight hundred (800) shots of espresso, one (1) more child, and immersed neck deep in a community cornerstone business brings us to present day, her thirtieth (30th) birthday.

News on the imbibery front (not just our wine adventure) is that our HypnoPals at Mountain State are expanding. That's correct, much like my midriff, the brewery is bulging outward to accommodate more beer. The production equipment will be systematically upgraded as to not interfere with our consumption needs. Look for a spring start to construction. Congratulations Mountain State crew!

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