Friday, March 20, 2009

Goodbyes, Again

No, you can't take Gretchen.

The mountain top bid adieu to the first lady of Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese and Lemon Bars this morning. Sarah left for the great state of Colorado, and something in short supply in these parts, gainful employment. Good luck Sarah and don't forget to write. We seem to be hemorrhaging local talent with no employment tourniquet in sight. Alas, the ebb and flow of our little hamlet has entered the ebb. This is a natural part of life in a small town and we for one (1) hath girded our loins for the long haul.

One (1) segment of our community not shrinking is the construction of the old gas station that houses HypnoCoffee. The rip and tear began this morning with the lovely sounds of saw-z-all and "git 'r done". Ah, the sweet sounds of progress. Soon Highland Prospects will assume their rightful place next to the HypnoVessel in west Davis ruling the merchant community from high atop Highway 32! We must keep the attitude positive since we can't afford to shut down for the next seven (7) weeks and our neighbors, be they brief, are noisy by job description. Enjoy louder than usual music whilst aboard and please, share a laugh during this period of growth. It's sort of like shaking your head at teenagers wearing pants around their knees, or asymmetrical haircuts, only louder.

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