Thursday, April 2, 2009

Miss SpellBender

Just like the West Virginia forefathers before him, Rob B., is bolstering educational efforts and bringing us together in competition. (snicker-cough-ahem) Tonight around seven (7) pm the language arts throw-down of the year kicks-off with the children's spelling bee, then after the champs are crowned we begin the adult bee, and lastly a handicapped round. The first two (2) are much like you'd expect; words given, words spelled, if correct you get a dry "correct", and if incorrect you get a "ding" (or perhaps a Bronx cheer followed by the heckling jeers of "Dumb Ass!" or "Idiot!"). The handicapped round has nothing to do with the learning disabilities you constantly site as reasoning behind your ineptitude, but rather a drinking game. Correct spellings are rewarded with a cup of beer, and so it goes until the last man or women is left standing. We may even throw in a couple of slang words to help alleviate the tension caused by your nervousness coupled with the necessity to consume alcohol as both penalty and reward. See you there!

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Anonymous said...

wee awl weight fer thu rezults and recap with bated breth!