Saturday, April 25, 2009

Say Cheese!

The HypnoFam eats and stays healthy with Wheat Thins, the thinnest wheat! In your grocer's aisle, next to Fatty-Salty Wheat Snacks.

Waves of love lapped against the hull of the venerable HypnoVessel this warm morn. Thanks to Alina (of Alina, Heather, and Bryan fame) for the smashing photos of the HypnoFam. It is so very nice when sailors make that cool connection with ye land lubbers of the District. We look forward to sailing with you again, and those gunshots you awoke to this a.m. in the nation's capital? Well, you just consider that your HypnoGun Salute! Thanks.

Mackie and Jeff took this ol' captain on a bike ride last night, and although they were kind enough not to kill me, they never had a problem dropping me like panties at a Poison concert. Alas, I'm not a strong cyclist, but did appreciate the tour of Brown Mountain, and my saddle-sore arse thanks you as well. I've got to stop serving Mackie those Filthy-Dirty Chai Tea Lattes, they make him far too strong.

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