Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Showers Bring Ben's Flowers

The dove brought back a rhododendron branch and shortly thereafter the HypnoArk came to rest on top of the mountain. Finally, the forty (40) days of rain (or so) has subsided for now, and we can again place our flippers and scuba gear in the footlocker from whence it came. The hints of summer are warmly received here, and thoughts of badminton and volleyball occupy by time. Soon my friends, soon.

In the meantime let's get our gardens ready. Our HypnoPal Ben N. (of HypnoMugs fame) will be selling plant starts the last two (2) weekends of May right here at the HypnoVessel. Most of you are already aware of Ben's proclivities for growing veggies and his recent construction of a greenhouse. When the HypnoFamily moved to West Virginia we were fortunate enough to meet Ben and buy a share of his summertime harvest. We were minus one (1) Gretchen than, and needed a little less. Alas those are gone, but this year you at least have a chance to once again nosh on something that grew out of Ben's dirt!


Cory said...

Alright, are you guys pirates or pre-diluvian prophets?

(I'd much rather work with the former!)

HypnoBlog said...

Yarrr, ye keep using dem fancy school werds aboard me vessel an' I'll run ya through like a bilge-suckin' rat!

Quartermaster said...

Argh ye scurvy dog! Don't ye turn the vessel into a Man-of-War and raise the flag of the hempen halter! The cat o' nine tails is the tool of many a scallywag!

But if ye so wish to unsheathe yer bloody blade in my company, a scuttle is nigh!

Tell your fiery strumpet to bake more a dem cackle fruit quiches and you may tame this scourging carouser!