Friday, June 19, 2009

Pirates Ahoy!

Pirates are storming the port side of the HypnoVessel. Those scurvy bilge-sucking swine are turning the otherwise peaceful community of eastern Davis into their version of the garment district. Not even local law enforcement put a stop the skull-drudgery mine eyes hath witnessed today. If ye be the curious type, than plan on a stop-by tomorrow morning. While ye be at it, you can suck down omelets or waffles courtesy of our own galley-hag, Gary. Gary plans on whipping up:
Havarti and Dill with Dilly Beans
Tomato Basil Mozzarella Cheese
Davis Omelet, Ham, Green Pepper, Cheddar

Two Belgian Waffles with lady or gent's choice of Cherry Preserves, Blueberry Preserves, or Maple Syrup and a side of watermelon

Either treat can be had for a paltry $5.95. Just refrain from dripping your syrup on Ben and Jeremy's new stock. Quaffing coffee and scarfing waffles is a great way to observe the extensive glad-handing and grinning that accompanies Grand Openings. Should be fun, come out show the requisite amount of love those dastardly pirates are lacking.

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