Friday, June 12, 2009


You already know Gary's goodies, the baked good that decorate our counter, now he'll give you one (1) more reason to love him. He will set up camp in the galley of the HypnoVessel Saturdays and Sundays and churn out omelets and waffles for your word holes to lap up. Surprise and you are welcome. As with all new offerings, it needs your support to gain traction and become a regular feature. We are thinking this will last through the summer, so omelet and waffle up before crushing one (1) another on the volleyball court! Breakfast starts at seven (7) in the morning and can be had up until tenish (10ish)...I'll petition for more hours from Gary.
Whilst I'm on my HypnoThrone, I should remind my friend Rob that writing about things is doing something. Ask any essayist, journalist, fiction writer, or kid that falsifies a note from his parents. If you haven't read it, peruse the "Comments" section of my Ruminations On Elections Past. HypnoPal Rob tears into the author and accuses him of doing nothing but bitch. He knows better than to question my love for our community; disillusionment with the reality of how new comers are viewed is not disdain. As I told Rob, it's folks like him and wife that brought us here and keep us here. Our community is wonderful, gaining in numbers and strength, and a seat at the legislative table is coming as well. Rob's points are taken and I am sure I will continue to consider what he said, thanks for the voice of decent Rob.

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