Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Third (3rd) of July

Thomas pulled it off again. As always their fireworks display was great, illustrating why America is so awesome. No wonder the British high-tailed it outta our country, our explosions are the best! Take that England, the Huns, Iraq, Afghanistan, and anyone else who dare cross us. Thanks to Barbara for hosting the HypnoFam on her deck. Our view was eye-level and the best in town; so close in fact, we periodically felt the spent embers raining down upon us. Chloe gets the award for best quote, "this is the best third (3rd) of July fireworks ever!" So true. I know, I know, fireworks are supposed to be the culmination of festivities taking place on the FOURTH (4th) of July, but Thomas wanted a rain-day, thus shot the load one (1) day too soon. That's okay, as Chloe said, it was best third (3rd) of July fireworks ever.


Jack McG said...

4th of July (3rd also) is the best holiday of all because:

1- No mandatory family commitment
2- No mandatory food item which you will likely not like
3- No mandatory gifts
4- The weather is generally nice if not awesome
5- Explosives

Cory said... nice detail to add to McG: *psychadelic* explosives.
Bless the Chinese.