Monday, July 27, 2009

Update #7,668

The BMW motorcycle rally was a HypnoHit! Thanks to the many rally-goers who stopped at either our booth at Canaan, the HypnoVessel, or both. We made some really nice acquaintances and look forward to their return.
I'm a little surprised that the village of Thomas has yet to fire back anything other than whining. Are they tongue-tied, too drunk to respond, or are they going to respond on the field with some serious ball kicking and fielding? I know, right now you're snickering at that last reason, and that's a reasonable response. The only put-down I've heard are slanderous remarks about the age of Davis' participants in reference to Mackie, Robbie B., and myself. The three (3) of us can hold our own or better against anyone in that slanty town, and they know it. Until August 6th rolls around I guess you'll have to get used to hearing slam after slam until we put you out of your misery.
Summer wants it mentioned that she's holding another clothing swap fo' da ladies next Monday, August 3rd. Go through that closet and meet the first lady of Hypno aboard the ship at seven (7) p.m.


Anonymous said...

see old age has not treated you well. i made a call to your dinghy you call the hypno ship. i just hope you old timers can remember the aug 6 game.

"the director"

Cory said...

"...the age of Davis' participants...": perhaps this whippasnappa can level out the average age, having chosen Davis to put down least a little.

As for the *solo mujeres* swap, in my few years on this spaceship earth I have found that men's clothing is often quite prosaic... with some polka-dotted lackluster. So, can I come if I dress in drag? Don't want to cause a fuss like other gender-confused-and-in-denial men, but....

Anonymous said...

Not only is Mackie old, but his mom had to buy him a car at the age of 48...lame! Is that because rent is so high and wages are so low in Davis?

Anonymous said...


Good one but you need to get your facts right. Too bad there are no trustafarians in Thomas right? Everyone there has supported themselves since they were eighteen and never inherited anything or got a thing from thier parents (or inlaws) and pay all thier own bills. Oh, damn I don't need to blow through a straw to start my car either! I guess that is lame too. You got me.

Old Man Mackie

P.S. Am I allowed to bring my wheelchair to play kickball?

Anonymous said...

i think that would be in your best interest considering you might not make it around the bases without it.

"The Director"

Gov't Slut said...

Most of the soon-to-be-defeated-again Thomasonians down by the river are livin' large, thanks to an ultra-light work load that qaulifies for some gov't arse-wiping.

Its a nice way to use the worst part of the system while simultaneously making a show of disdain towards it.