Monday, September 28, 2009


5k Start, Run For It!

Charlie's best buddy, Chip, took Charlie snake hunting... success!

The helm is available for guest skippers. The HypnoBlog has suffered of late at the hands of this scribble skipper, and in an effort to keep the sails aloft and on a close reach, I willing, am handing the tiller off to the faithful, smarmy HypnoCrew. Those in the know immediately identify Cade, Cory, and Bish, and the wise eagerly await their contributions to the melee. This HypnoCaptain is being stretched by duties to the cause. My serving of the mast is pulling me to my roaster, and in the very near future to Virginia to assist with the second HypnoCoffee sailing vessel. That's right, Hypno has been approached and co-opted by another husband and wife sailing team choosing to put the name of HypnoCoffee across the bow of their venerable vessel in Vienna, VA. As more details emerge and I will fill you in, but the tip is: we were approached by the aforementioned husband and wife team (Thor and Jennifer) and asked if we'd be interested in helping power their newly launched ship. After a couple of emails and phone conversations (ship to ship of course), the entire Williams clan set sail for Vienna and met with Thor and Jennifer. Similar visions were discussed, and an accord was met. We will provide Thor and Jennifer with coffee for brewing and espresso, pounds of coffee to sell, t-shirts, buttons, mugs, training, and all sorts of HypnoShwag. After all of these components (training especially) are in place the nom de coffee, HypnoCoffee, will go across the bow. Thor and Jennifer's coffee shop is in an incredibly cool visual art and musical studio space called the Soundry, which they also run. Be sure and check out the Soundry at and if you live in the NOVA area, stop and tell 'em Hypno sent ya.


Cory said...

Argh Ye Admiral of the Black Roast,
come about with your attempts to move the inseperable soul of the mountain-forged Hypno Vessel to the lowlands. Belay yer mighty Vessel now or ye be riskin' a skuttle with the White Head Eagle of the East...

Anonymous said...

Is that a milksnake?

HypnoBlog said...

Nope, watersnake. We are a sailing vessel!

Anonymous said...

We drove by your store yesterday, but unfortunately, just didn't have enough time to stop. However, your name sure got our attention.

I'm sure it has been discussed before, but I & a friend couldn't find any discussion on the web of how you came up with the name, "Hypnocoffee". A link would be greatly appreciated.