Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Vessel's Gettin' Whiter

A note to revelers enjoying the stellar mountain-top weather this holiday weekend:
"Coffee is God's way of saying, 'go ahead, get absolutely trashed on weeknights, I got your back'".
That nice little quote comes courtesy of , and if you're not hip to that gem of a're welcome. Texts confirms that American youth is both funny and depraved, thanks for the affirmation.
Speaking of affirmations, The White Room is celebrating its first year in business with a wine and cheese shindig tonight on Front Street. Not just fromage and booze, but finally Hypno and Whitey linked arms and flung some art work on the hull of the vessel. First White Room artist to be hung in the vessel, Seth. Who's next? Only the HypnoJury knows.

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