Saturday, October 10, 2009

In And Out Of Occupied America

It won't wash off... the animosity of urban American. I had a car horn blown in my direction more than once. Oh sure I barely remember what traffic lights are, and stop at anything illuminated regardless of its color, and yeah, that pisses folks off...especially once they eyeball my West Virginia license plate. Some Virginians must still be sore about that Civil War statehood thing. Summer, Charlie, and I made the trip and really enjoyed spending time with the Soundry crew. They will make exceptional pirates, pillaging and plundering the would-be calm environs of Vienna. We look forward to our next visit!

Charlie did a great job meeting anyone and everyone and insisted on entertaining all who would listen. Already being groomed as the next great barista, Charlie is off to a great start. Speaking of great baristas, we are proposing a barista exchange program with the Vienna shop, so hopefully soon our neighbors will have the privilege of meeting our newest slingers, while the good folks of NOVA will be treated to Cade, or Cory, or (gasp) the complaint department director herself, Bish.


Anonymous said...

So, exercise of the body stimulates the creative recesses of the mind! Alas, silence speaks louder than words when we haven't gotten a report on the Hypnocrew's assault on the flatlander marathon? Say it ain't so, Joe (Drenning). At least give us a report on how the Hypnobeans ennervated the masses in Harper's Ferry and John Brown's body came a smouldering out of the grave to get a $1 cup of Joe! If you need practice with stoplights, I hear there is one in Parsons.

Auntie Fran Chise said...

Oh you wait...first a Subway, then an Elevator, and THEN....traffic signals to further automate your measly little life.