Monday, October 19, 2009

Search And Destroy

No, your eyes do not deceive you. The HypnoVessel is indeed being commandeered by the captain only today, but do not worry, the affable yeoman Chase has not been sent to Davy Jones' locker or put on permanent shore-duty. No, our poop-deck swabbin' first mate of anesthesia is on a recon mission in the wilds of North Carolina. We have received one (1) report so far, a broken transmission, but it was clear Cory was consuming some bitter vitriol topped with foam that was passed over a counter to him and called a "cappuccino". As you know, the HypnoFam has traveled a little of late, and as we sail the nearby and not-so nearby seas, we have concluded that most coffee shops fail. The barista knows very little about the process of espresso and cares even less. Even in shops that "feel" right bear this cross, and we are coming to the conclusion that you are very very lucky. The HypnoCrew does it right, trains its employees, gives a shit, and otherwise makes some pretty damn-good coffee. Alright, enough about us, I just felt the need to roll up our sleeve, flex our robust arms, and hand you a free ticket to the gun show.

As all mountain top dwellers are aware, the first day of bow-hunting season was this past weekend and it was greeted with, what else, snow! Yes the first inch hath fallen, and as Charlie noted, "snow is awesome!" Yes, young Charles, it is awesome, and we hope to enjoy several more feet of the stuff over the next four (4) to five (5) months. Although the mercury is heading up again in the short term, we all have crossed fingers that more shall fall, and soon. Congratulations to Willie (of Mountain State Brewing fame) for his first day of the season eight-point buck. Finally he's putting that Canaan Heights property to good use.

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