Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Road Bikes In The Dirt?

The Hypno-Highland complex was proud and privileged to host the first cyclocross race in Davis over the weekend. Sixty-two (62) racers pedaled around the vessel's side lot, normally used as a Highway 32 debris collection site, the yard turned into a race course. Our local boys and girls brought it to visitors, with Mackie taking second in his division, and Jason taking the gold in the pro-stud category. Welcome to Davis, watch us take the podium and now you may go home! Thanks to J.R. for bringing the event to our town and our doorstep!

Josh kicked with the fray, and as evidenced by the photos, he like all the riders, enjoyed the climb to our volleyball court. Josh, did ye place?

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Cory said...

That sand pit always *did* make our lil' Army boy smile...