Monday, November 2, 2009

Scary Monsters, Super Freaks

Kim was assaulted later in the night by the League of Front Street Women.

The not-so-great pumpkin.

Hollywood starz abound!

Three (3) Chases.

Our community sure does like to dress up. Any excuse will do, and Halloween is THE excuse. Even the HypnoCaptain and First Lady made it out sans children. The neighbor watching was first class and as always, the Mountain State Pub crew treated us like royalty, thanks! Kim took the cake with her costume, pictured above. Unfortunately, a group of girls (mostly from Front Street) took offense to her outfit and during a drunken fervor pummeled the girl with fists and feet, both drenched in patchouli oil. Not since the first "bush" administration have I seen such carnage.
Flowers, cards, and cash donations can be left at the HypnoVessel, care of Tony Williams. Other than the flourish of violence, the night was a complete success!


Anonymous said...

Sadly, her photo just ain't that dirty....

Anonymous said...

...and one (1) Quinlivan.