Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Par Matt, Bar None

Holy Jingle Bells! The HypnoCrew sailed north to the port of Oakland and moored at the bowling alley for a night of Big Lewbowski-like fun; minus the white-russians plus bottled-beer and minus the weed plus the hot wings. Yes, it was our Christmas party, and yes it was a hoot. It was a real shame being beaten by Cory twice, but in the spirit of the season, we all forgave him. Kids were invited, (just in case we ran low on cash, we could always swap a baby or two (2) for another round). And in true family-fun-filled evening style we lost Charlie for a spell only to discover him hiding beneath an air hockey table, good job Charles. After sleeping through most of the first game, Ollie awoke to devour most of the food, and half of the beer, I mean milk. Speaking of food, we all enjoyed the fried-fare offered, especially the hot wings!
As I foreshadowed, Cory threw better than everyone else, but all did well-enough (the beer helped) that by the end of the night I was inquiring into joining their league. Who knows, perhaps the blog will soon fill with the conquests of your favorite coffee house scurvy dogs doing battle with Oakland's finest on the field of tenpins.
A big thanks to the very friendly crew at the Par Matt bowling alley. It takes a special cockswain to put up with the hi-jinks the HypnoCrew is involved in; our bawdy humor, grotesque language, and slovenly appearance. Finally we're not alone!

1 comment:

Cory said...

While I'd rather be beating you scum on the latte floor, bashing balls down hard wooden floors into pins better than the rest of ya reaffirms that I am ok at something and should not end my pitiful rookie barista life. Let's join the league, just after we slam down some of "(y)our own damn drinks."

If only their were balls on espresso machines....