Wednesday, December 16, 2009

She'll Love Your Huge Stocking Stuffer!

A big thanks to Keith (of Ivonne's husband fame) for the image today! What better advertisement for the lady or gentleman who hasn't been crossed off of your shopping list? Every one's getting pounds of coffee this year!
Would anyone out there be interested in an after-hours coffee cupping and get together before the year closes out? We'd like to invite you, the customer, behind the counter and let you experience making your own espresso drinks. That's right, teach you the secrets of our seemingly endless supply of "blowing your minds" with our coffee. I'm thinking... kick the whole deal off with a cupping of our new FTO Papua New Guinea, then get you behind the counter to talk about different brewing methods for your "at home" coffee (I know your getting some for Christmas, so you might as well know how to maximize your enjoyment), next we'll get you saddled up on the espresso machine, and finally let you guys battle it out in your own "first-day of training throwdown". Of course I'll have some Christmas Cheer on hand for your spirits. Allow me to talk to our amazing staff and pick a night...I'll get back to ya.

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