Sunday, January 31, 2010


No, this doesn't spell "suave".

The HypnoVessel was today boarded by two (2) deaf denizens; and as the informed HypnoBlog reader already knows, when Charlie was an infant I spent many an hour (2 or 3) taking an online sign language course, so I was excited to show my stuff to these visiting sailors. In my excitement I signed, "Welcome, I am little loser asshole", which I thought was " Welcome, I know a little ASL". After a couple of confused looks, they ordered (by writing their order no less!), all I managed to ask was: "milk?" and finally "thank you". Of course, a big "thank you" to Signing With Your Baby, for the amazingly practical course I paid so much for! God forbid any Spanish speaking denizens make their way to the Vessel (a fight will surely ensue)...who am I kidding? I'm still safely ignorant in Davis, WV.

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Cory said...

...shitake man, and yer frum Florida! Doble V Te Efe!

Voy a ir a la tierra del fuego en Argentina. Despues, me gustaria morir.