Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Want What You're Having

Thursday sees the HypnoVessel again seaworthy, and just in time for freezing rain. The forecast is for more of the same; so I guess the lucky weather streak has run its course and we are back to our typical mid-Atlantic winter climes. Thanks to Phil, proprietor of Mellow Moods in Shepherdstown, WV for his patronage of the HypnoRoastery. Finally, excellent coffee can be had in She-Town! We are in the preambles of establishing a day in which we can train Phil and his crew in the art of drink building. As the hep consumer knows, just having awesome coffee isn't always enough, and it's only a matter of time before the good denizens enjoy drinks like these:

We love putting our coffee "out there", and sure do appreciate people like Phil for giving his town what we've come to expect as normal. Being isolated in a microscopic town as we are, we tend to become myoptic, and forget that the rest of America wants what we have. We here at Hypno are willing to provide it by the pound. For Hypno not to pump our caffeinated life force into the veins of America would be a disservice to man-kind and down right un-American. Nuts to that! Come one (1) come all, and belly up to a dose of liquid stimulation that locals have been treated to for two (2) years and counting. Truly amazing products are rare anywhere, but our community to have so much quality in relation to its population is stunning. Damn, we sure are lucky.

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Jack McG said...

This news makes me weep with joy. You all freakin' rock !

Now let it snow on the mountain with clean roads for all.